Is smart home smart?

For some time I have been interested in smart home subject. Finally during last months I made a few big steps and started implementing something on my own. I have started build it alone from available components from different vendors and integrated with Smarthome app coming from

Currently my system consists of some temperature , window open/close, motion sensors, plugs, dimmers, thermostats. It works, I like it. A friend of mine has similar system with much more features and scenes, I have also implemented some scenes, associations. So light on stairs automatically turns on when someone wants to go up/down, I can turn off heating/lights in kids’ room when they go out, turn off TV with equipment during sleeping time to preserve energy.

But – is such home smart?

I asked myself this question for the first time when I have added integration of IntChart to my TV plug

  • Power consumption of TV and decoder 160W
  • When XBox is up – 200W
  • Turn off 16W

Wait a second… 16W when nobody uses anything? While sleeping or outdoor? It is not smart.

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