Engineer’s dream – Wemos D1 mini pro arrived

New toys

It will be short this time. I have just received new set of toys from – ESP8266 chip with a few boards. At first glance it is very promising and allows for nice boxing of chips.

Unboxing Wemos D1 mini Pro - ESP8266
Wemos D1 mini Pro

What’s inside:

  • ESP8266 chip
  • temperature sensor DS18B20
  • DHT11 humidity sensor
  • SD card reader
  • LiPo charger
  • button
  • some proto boards
  •  OLED 0.66″ display

and more…


This time I am preparing some (again) weather station with openHAB integration. I will post updates with code, diagram and links to some materials if you are interested 🙂