Engineer’s dream – Wemos D1 mini pro arrived

New toys

It will be short this time. I have just received new set of toys from – ESP8266 chip with a few boards. At first glance it is very promising and allows for nice boxing of chips.

Unboxing Wemos D1 mini Pro - ESP8266
Wemos D1 mini Pro

What’s inside:

  • ESP8266 chip
  • temperature sensor DS18B20
  • DHT11 humidity sensor
  • SD card reader
  • LiPo charger
  • button
  • some proto boards
  •  OLED 0.66″ display

and more…


This time I am preparing some (again) weather station with openHAB integration. I will post updates with code, diagram and links to some materials if you are interested 🙂

ESP32 – Check temperature with DS18B20

One of my goals when playing with these chips is to enhance elements of smart home. One of features is measurement of home parameters including temperature. Earlier I have integrated it with Fibaro sensor, now I’ll check it with ESP32 and DS18B20.

Application setup

First step is to get empty project as described here and rename it to temperature for example. Update Makefile, set serial port and remove main.c file.

Now we need to add support for DS18B20. On GitHub there is already component which handles it but it will require minor update to compile seamlessly. Each project may contain several components organized in components subdirectory. Components are simply pieces of code which are compiled into static library and then linked into our application. Some of them are available in ESP-IDF but we can create also ours. For purpose of handling DS18B20 I used component from FeelFreeLinux, there are 2 small changes which must be applied.

cd components
git clone --recursive
cd ds18b20
mkdir include
mv ds18b20.h include

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Z-Wave thermometers

Something easy

When doing my own Z-Wave installation I have decided to make it without rush with simple steps. As such I have started with measuring temperature. When I moved in I have prepared for this 6-wired cable going along the garage wall and outside to the garden. My RazBerry controller is waiting at home and I gather equipment. I plan to limit soldering and use more connectors – some may be too big but I do not make precise probes (yet).

Fibaro sensor, DS18B20 and some connectors
Fibaro sensor, DS18B20 and some connectors

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