RazBerry – home controller installation

In this article I will come back to installation of home controller based on Raspberry PI and RazBerry daughter board. I will try to start from very beginning. In later posts I will be building environment around this control station – if I change my mind I will clearly describe it 🙂

OS installation

For controller I want to use Raspberry Pi 3, RazBerry daughter board and system will be installed on 32GB card. I do not claim it is the only solution – but easy to start.

Platform components
Platform components

Ready to install
Ready to install

I have downloaded the latest Raspbian.

After completed installation you can login and see some nice wallpaper but for the next steps we can just connect via ssh.

Welcome to Raspbian

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ uname -a
Linux raspberrypi 4.4.21-v7+ #911 SMP Thu Sep 15 14:22:38 BST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

RazBerry installation

Now we need to install RazBerry packages from their page. Accept the agreement and script will guide you through. It can be good idea to update your Raspbian before with apt-get.

sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get update
wget -q -O - razberry.z-wave.me/install | sudo bash

Usually there are no error. But if there are – make update of Raspbian – it helped for me.

Server, libraries, drivers should be in place now. You can check the status with the command below

sudo /etc/init.d/zbw_connect status

Now let’s visit find.z-wave.me. When it opens at https://find.z-wave.me/zboxweb you will see login screen with IP address of your system. With my DHCP I got back to If it does not answer – start the service or simply reboot your Pi.

Smarthome web interface
Smarthome web interface

Expert UI is available at this address, let’s deal with it later.

In Smarthome visit the management and check for firmware update if needed. Currently this is the newest:

22.10.2016 v2.2.4 is the latest

Smarthome is ready to build 🙂

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